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Practice Questions


What are classes like?

  • Most classes consist of qigong exercises that use movement, mudra, sound, and self-massage.

  • Although we will focus on a specific series of qigong, we will sometimes study meridians, locate points, or study some aspect of Taoist principles and see how they apply to the practice. 

  • All classes aim toward better health, immune strength, better balance and flexibility.

  • These classes are ideal for anyone interested in becoming a more balanced and harmonious human.

What is an individual session?

  • Individual sessions are useful for students who are interested in developing an individual practice or exploring a particular issue that qigong may help to remedy.

  • Online and in-person sessions are 1 hour. 

  • Email me if you are interested in arranging a session.

How often should I schedule a class or session?

  • This is up to the individual and your goals.

  • Regularity is important for both classes or sessions.

  • Regular practice is essential to receive the benefits of a qigong practice. 

Preparing for an online class or session?

  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. 

  • Please eat lightly if you need to eat before.

  • Make time for the session, most classes last 1 hour to 1 hour 15 min. 

  • Have a chair or sitting cushion available as well as enough room to move comfortably. 

Rules to remember for classes online:

  • If it hurts, stop the exercise. There is no gain in pain.

  • Consult with me if you are having any difficulty with the practice.

  • If you feel tired or if you have a physical issue you are free to sit down and work seated.

  • This is your class, but also remember there are others participating. Please keep your microphone on mute.

  • You may ask questions when prompted or at the beginning or end of class. 

  • You are encouraged to keep your video on, but if you feel uncomfortable just let me know.

What are your qualifications?

  • Certified Medical Qigong Therapist and Educator through the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada.

  • Studied Qigong, Tai Ji, and Tai Ji sword forms for over a decade with Sat Chuen Hon. I continue to work under Sifu Hon.

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