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About Alicia Fox


I have personally benefited from qigong, having been a lifetime allergy sufferer and often ill. I began studying qigong and taiji with Sat Chuen Hon, a Taoist and native of China. With this practice, my health improved dramatically. Having studied these forms for several years, Mr. Hon asked me to carry on this Taoist healing tradition to help benefit others.

Although a westerner, my interest in Taoism began when I was eight years old when I discovered Richard Wilhelm's translation of the I Ching (Book of Change). It has been a constant source of study for me, and my interest in Taoist philosophy continues to broadened and deepen. These ancient ideas and movement exercises have filtered into our culture, but our contemporary culture's comprehension of them still remains very superficial. My great wish is to be able to transmit these very subtle practices of healing and potential cultivation in a way that is comprehensive and ultimately effective, yet allow them to remain connected to the living Taoist tradition from which they originate.

In light of the Taoist tradition every aspect of one's life is meaningful. I received my MFA in painting from Yale University in 1997. My studio practice, writing and studies of sacred movement have been woven together over many years into a rich exploration. I am a published poet and have exhibited my paintings in the US and Europe. I am also a graphic designer. I have helped prepare and edit Sat Hon's writings on Qigong and Taoist stories for publication and have been a teaching assistant at the Dan Tao Center and Medical Qigong Trainings at the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto, Canada.


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